Address : TMA Building (Shopping Complex) Opposite Gordon College, Liaqat Road, Rawalpindi

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

The Emergency (ED) Department at Hussain LAkhani International Hospital provides 24-hour service for trauma and non-trauma surgical and medical emergencies. We have a multi-disciplinary Emergency Care team to oversee and manage acute emergencies, providing patients with treatment at the specialist level.

Our 24-hour one-stop Emergency Department handles the following emergencies:

Trauma and Orthopaedic Emergencies:

We provide medical treatment for accident patients with major trauma. This includes resuscitation and other basic trauma treatment procedures such as suturing, basic care of wounds and setting of simple fractures and dislocations.

Surgical Emergencies:

We can carry out minor surgical procedures such as toilet and suture of wounds sustained during trauma e.g. fall, cut by sharp objects, etc.

General Emergencies:

Our Emergency Department assesses and treats patients with general medical and surgical emergencies.

Cardiac Emergencies (Selected Conditions):

We provide basic care for all cardiovascular emergencies including physical examination, ECG, X-ray, blood investigation and basic supportive treatment.

ENT Emergencies:

We diagnose and treat a variety of common ENT emergencies: (nosebleeds, foreign body throat etc).

Eye Emergencies:

Eye emergencies range from infections to trauma and, if untreated, can lead to visual loss or other health problems. We provide treatment for all emergency eye injuries.